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Club Fitting


Quality instruction is the first step in building a better golf swing, however, lessons and dedicated practice aren't the whole answer. Even the best professional's swing advice can be compromised by incorrectly fit equipment.

Playing with the wrong equipment can destroy the swing you've worked so hard to groove. That's because incorrectly fit equipment leads to inconsistency and poor ball flight, and for that reason, club fitting is a huge part of our performance program.

Club-fitting : 45 minutes : $80.00

When you get your club fitting in Carmel, we'll evaluate your current equipment and give you our sizing recommendations to make sure your equipment is compatible with your physique and swing. A professional club fit is a must before you invest in a new set of clubs. Besides playing the right size equipment, we will offer suggestions on your set make-up.

Playing with correctly fit equipment is an integral part of our performance formula and allows your natural talents to come to life.