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Signature Group Activities Guide

500 Acres of Breakout Space

Signature Group Activities Guide

In addition to many of our regularly scheduled activities, the following activities are specifically designed for groups and can be arranged as private events for your special occasions. Perfect for corporate groups, larger parties and family retreats.


Our experiential classes are designed to stimulate your senses and unlock your imagination. The intimate group sizes allow each person individual attention and the space to dig into the experience.

Bee Experience

Our signature event! With over 60,000 Italian honeybees in our apiary, guests can don a beekeepers suit and get up close and personal with John Russo, our Resident Bee Keeper. As you learn how the honeybees diligently forage for the pollen and nectar in every flower at The Ranch, with a particular affinity for the hundreds of flowers on each of The Ranch's 7,000 brilliant lavender plants, the mysterious and complex world of bees is revealed. In order to keep our honeybees "busy" pollinating the lavender plants and making the honey, bee experiences are limited to 20 people per session.

$75 per person | 10-20 participants | 90 minutes


Create a custom candle using the natural bounty of The Ranch. We have a variety of mold shapes and styles to choose from. Select an essential oil – including our own Lavender Oil! - and combine it with herbs and blossoms freshly-picked from the Organic Garden and the River Ranch. Sink it all in a mold full of hot wax to create a beautiful custom candle, perfect for your home. This is a fun and engaging activity that allows you to relax and spend some unscripted time creating a memory and a memento of your stay here at The Ranch.

$50 per person | 10-20 participants | 60 minutes

Crafting workshops are available in extended time formats, please inquire for customized options.


Join us for a hands-on organic gardening seminar, where you'll take a tour of the Garden and visit the Hen House, and spend time with veteran organic farmer, Mark Marino. Get your hands dirty learning about composting and how to plan for and prepare a vegetable bed for seasonal plantings. Gloves and tools will be provided.

$50 per person | 10-20 participants | 90 minutes

Jewelry-Making Workshop

Come relax and engage your inner mixed-media artist. We will provide interesting beads and findings to inspire your creativity, and our instructors will guide you through the process of creating a beautiful necklace, bracelet, or earrings. This is an engaging and surprisingly meditative experience that people from all walks of life seem to appreciate.

$50 per person | 10-20 participants | 90 minutes

Crafting workshops are available in extended time formats, please inquire for customized options.


A truly unique, and year-round, opportunity to participate in the distillation and essential oil blending process using lavender that's been reserved from this year's harvest of over 7,000 plants that cover our hillsides. The essential oils from our lavender plants not only form the foundation of the Spa Aiyana experience, but are also used in our in-suite bath amenities, sold in our Aiyana Shop and noted throughout our Lodge Restaurant menu. Participants return home with their own bottle of pure lavender essential oil.

$50 per person | 10-20 participants | 90 minutes


A different kind of experience held in our adventure kitchen, participants will learn how "cooking" up a batch of soap is more science, and less suds than one might think! Beekeeper and lavender agronomist John Russo will demonstrate how to create balms and soaps using the lavender essential oils that we have distilled from the lavender harvested at The Ranch. Each person will make (and take home!) his or her very own balm or soap.

$50 per person | 10-20 participants | 90 minutes


Join our resident organic farmer, Mark Marino, in our beautiful organic culinary garden for a fun and educational tour where you'll learn how we transformed the hillside next to the 10th fairway into a fertile and sustainable paradise for vegetables and flowers. In addition to our garden, participants will be able to explore our unique Salt House.

$20 per person | 5-30 participants | 30 minutes


One of our focuses here at The Ranch is the importance of Play to the human spirit. With this in mind, we have developed our playful Signature Team Building offerings that help to foster stronger ties and greater trust through shared experience of competition and play.

Color War

The pinnacle of any summer camp experience and the signature team-building event at The Ranch, the Color War pits friends against friends and unites unlikely allies to build morale and energy. Participants are divided into four color-coded teams and compete in a variety of challenges - ranging from a classic dodge ball tournament to relay races to a mini game-show to our Signature Cocktail Competition. The War is facilitated by our experienced Activities Staff, and is tied up with the exciting and entertaining Tricycle Relay! We offer a customizable selection of activities to bring your team together and help you learn more about the personalities that make up your organization.

Signature Color War: $125 per person | 32-100 participants
Premium Color War: $150 per person | 32-100 participants

Programming for larger groups available upon request
Minimum 2 hours


This hands-on activity is one of our most popular events, where participants become winemakers for the day! The group splits into teams of 4-8 people, and each team works together in sipping their way to a balanced blend of three grape varieties. The goal: Create your very own unique wine! Next - the Marketing Challenge. The vintners turn into the marketing team, and design and produce a label for their bottle. They then present that label to the group in a 30-second commercial. Teams are scored and awarded based on teamwork, creativity, time management, following directions, and having fun. This activity is designed to inspire creativity, and build camaraderie, and can be customized to fit specific goals of the group!

$500++ set-up indoors / $750++ set-up outdoors
Message on a Bottle Event only - $100++ per person
Message on a Bottle with Chef's choice of stationed hors d'oeuvres and house wines - $150++ per person 

12-80 participants | Minimum 2 hours

Groups larger than 80 may require additional time, and AV set-up pricing will be higher to accommodate larger setup space.


This lightly-competitive and scent-ually-driven activity is the perfect break from a day full of important meetings – or as a way to gather your family at their next reunion! Our Activities Staff will take you for a short walk down through the Hillside Vineyard to our beautiful 2-Acre Organic Garden for a delightful hunt through the growing beds. Each participant will be given a list of items to identify and snip, with prizes for the winners and lemonade for all. While working as a team or as individual contestants, the entire group will have the opportunity to enjoy a stunning view of the Valley, a complimentary glass of lavender lemonade or mug of hot cocoa, and the scents and sounds of an organic garden in bloom all year round.

$50 per person | 6-40 participants | 45 minutes


An "Amazing Race"-style activity-driven scavenger hunt, the Ranch Race is a team-building event designed by our Activities Team that leads participants on a wild chase around The Ranch's 500-Acre Playground! Participants are grouped into teams, and "travel" to different destinations on property using only a resort map, their collective brains, and a clue. Once arrived, they participate in a group or single player challenge to gain points and get their clue to the next leg of their journey. This is a fast-paced, exciting, and competitive activity – both time and point driven - with every team rocketing toward the finish line! Challenges have included: cerebral games, such as the giant memory game and tongue twisters; sports challenges including tennis, golf, and basketball; and physical challenges like relay races and Organic Garden scavenger hunts. In our Premium Ranch Race we offer our Signature Cocktail Competition! As with all of our team-building offerings, you will work closely with our Activities Team to create a customized event that will match your unique culture and objectives. Follow the event with an Awards Ceremony at your on-site dinner to complete the experience in Ranch Style!

Signature Ranch Race: $125 per person | 16-160 participants
Premium Ranch Race: $150 per person | 16-160 participants

Pricing for larger groups available upon request
Minimum 2 hours


Bartenders beware! In this laid back and entertaining event, the participants will be given a short lesson on the basics of different spirits and popular mixers, as well as some of the trade secrets of making a great cocktail. After being split into teams of 4-8 people, they will be set free behind the bar to create the next great signature cocktail. The results will be judged by a panel of professional bar flies, and awards will be given to the best tasting and most creative cocktail. To provide more depth to the team-building activity, you have the option of adding the Marketing Challenge where each team will also create a full-page advertisement, and act out a 30-second commercial for their signature cocktail and the fictitious bar where it will be served. This activity is designed to open up the creativity of the individuals, and provide a shared experience that is sure to be talked about for a long time to come.

$500++ set-up indoors / $1,000++ setup outdoors
Bar Fee $100++
Mixology Event only: $65++ per person | 12 or more participants (nomaximum) | Minimum 1 hour
Mixology Event and Marketing Challenge: $95++ per person | 12-80 participants | Minimum 1.5 hours
Additional options:
Add Chef’s Choice of stationed hors d’oeuvres, house wines and beers:
(2) hours for additional $50++ per person
Add Chef’s Choice of stationed hors d’oeuvres, and full premium bar:
(2) hours for additional $75++ per person

(Groups larger than 80 may require additional time, and AV set-up pricing will be higher to accommodate larger setup space.)


Carmel Valley is a singularly beautiful area, showcasing California's renowned coastal beauty and the rustic valley chaparral. One of our goals for our guests is to help them experience the natural beauty of the area first hand. We believe that fitness is an experience of the mind, body, and spirit, and have many offerings to help you create the right balance for your group.


Do you know what sets the best photographers apart from the rest? Photo composition! Join veteran photographer Kip Evans for this enlightening course on photo composition, and learn the basics for creating beautiful photos on the go. We will talk about and then practice finding the right lighting, angle, and focal compositions. Bring whatever camera you use most – DSLR, smart phone, any will do!

$125 per person | 10-40 participants | 120 minutes (45 minute seminar, 75 minute instructed excursion)


Experience a private outdoor yoga or tai chi class in your choice of picturesque locations around our property. Choose from the River Ranch lawn, the Vineyard Lawn, or our Hilltop Yoga Platform which includes a short hike, your group will be energized with ultimate nature-infused fitness experience. Mats, towels and water are provided. The Hilltop Yoga Platform can accommodate up to 20 people; larger classes can be accommodated at the River Lawn or Vineyard Lawn.

Hilltop Yoga: $25 per person | 10-20 participants (Yoga in other
locations may have larger class limits)
Hilltop Tai Chi: $30 per person | 10-20 participants (Tai Chi in other
locations may have larger class limits.)


The Ranch has 250 acres of beautifully developed golf courses and facilities, leaving 250 acres untouched and wild. Take your team out for a trail ride to explore the back country and natural beauty of Carmel Valley. In partnership with Carmel Valley Trail Rides, we are offering on-property guided tours and lessons in Western Horsemanship. Explore the hidden hillsides and massive live oak tree groves, and learn the skills of an accomplished western rider.

Trail Rides | 1 hour ride | $155 per person, limit 5 per ride
Rides can be scheduled in succession to accommodate more riders
Private Western Lessons | 90 minutes | $155 per person, limit 4 per lesson


Join our team of elite and experienced performance coaches for the 2.5 day Corporate Athlete Course to discover how to effectively and efficiently manage your energy, not just time, to help ignite you full potential- both at work and in life.  Learn the secrets of high performers to help you achieve sustained high performance in the face of intense stress, relentless competition and unpredictable change. Discover how this proven, science-based approach to training for high performance can help you become physically energized, emotionally connected, mentally focused and aligned with your mission or goal. Managing your energy requires training like an elite athlete- a Corporate Athlete!

The Human Performance Institute is the pioneer in delivering a science-based energy management training solution to achieve sustained high performance. The solution is based on over 30 years of proprietary research and working with elite performers, including Olympic gold medalists, military Special Forces, Hostage Rescue teams, surgeons, and Fortune 500 CEOs.

For pricing and information, please call Serena McCabe, Director of Group Sales at 415.420.6882.


Bring your camera and capture the extraordinary beauty of the Big Sur Coast and Monterey Peninsula on a photo adventure with professional photographer Kip Evans. Kip is an expert in landscape photography and has worked as an expedition photographer with National Geographic and other organizations since 1998. Photograph landscapes as you hike along beautiful coastal trails. Chase the shifting light of sunrise or sunset along this magical stretch of coast. Learn about sea otters, seals, birds and other animals as you explore this magnificent place.

$200 per person | 10-40 participants | 4-hour half-day excursion
4 hour half day excursion – 1 hour seminar, 3 hours photography field trip

$400 per person | 5-40 participants | 8-hour full day excursion
8 hour day excursion – 2 hours of seminar (1 before, 1 after), 6 hours photography field trip
Includes a trail lunch


Choose from any of our regularly offered indoor and outdoor group exercise classes as a private experience for your group. Selections include traditional indoor classes such as Hatha Yoga in the Studio, Pilates, BODYPUMP, and Indoor Cycling.. Outdoor selections include TRX Suspension Training or our Fitness Boot Camp, which is a traditional boot camp style workout utilizing many outdoor locations, including our hiking trails.

Classes begin at $20 per person; minimum of $250; maximum number of participants may vary by studio size and equipment.
Class lengths vary at either 60 or 90 minutes; however, custom class lengths are available.


Join one of our local hike guides as you explore our 500-Acre Playground up into the foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountains. Choose between 60 minutes, 90 minutes or a half-day trek, with difficulty levels ranging from easy and moderate to serious challenge. Night Hikes are also available for a truly extraordinary evening under the stars. Experience enjoyable company, interesting facts and discoveries, and beautiful views of Carmel Valley and beyond. Additional hike options are available in neighboring Garland Ranch Regional Park, Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, Palo Corona Reserve, and more! Hikes are offered seasonally – contact the Activities Director for more information about our wonderful off-property offerings.

On-Property Hikes: $150 per guide | Maximum 15 participants per
guide | 60-90 minutes
Off-Property Hikes: Starting at $75 per person | 3-30 participants
(includes trail lunch and transportation) | 2-6 hours

For the Hungry…

Home to hands-on, collaborative cooking demonstrations and fierce "Ranch Chef" competitions, our Adventure Kitchen is a great interactive experience for any guest with culinary talent, passion or mere aspiration.


Organic Farmer Mark Marino and Executive Chef Tim Wood team up for this exciting take on Garden-to-Table. We begin in The Organic Garden with a talk from Farmer Mark about truly organic gardening, and bringing that garden freshness to your own kitchen table. Then we move on to the Adventure Kitchen, where Chef Wood takes you through his creative process and delivers mouth-watering morsels. This event includes lunch.

$500++ Adventure Kitchen Set-Up
135++ per person | 10-40 participants | 2.5 hours


Join us in our Adventure Kitchen to suit up, sharpen your knives and learn some very helpful techniques that every chef should know! Chef will teach you tricks of the trade that will take your cooking skills to the next level—be prepared to wow your next dinner guests…and learn some useful information about your friends and colleagues in the process!

Starting at $175++ per person | 6-40 participants | 2-3 Hours


Part team building exercise and part culinary experience, the Ranch Chef Adventure is a truly unique event. Inspired by the popular Food Network show of a similar name, the Ranch Chef Challenge allows every participant to experience what it feels like to be a culinary celebrity. As the clock ticks, teams are asked to prepare their dishes using the ingredients and tools provided, making sure to include the "secret" ingredient – revealed at the start of the competition – into each plate. Best for groups of 20 participants or more; abbreviated challenges can be customized for smaller groups.

Minimum 20 participants, maximum 60 participants (exceptions may be allowed with Chef Consultation)
Chef's Fee & Adventure Kitchen Rental: $1,500
Lunch Challenge: Starting at $150 (plus tax and service charge per person (includes Chef's light family-style lunch and non-alcoholic beverages)
Evening Challenge: Starting at $175 (plus tax and service charge) per person (includes light hors d'oeuvres and local wine/beer selections)
Dinner Challenge: Starting at $60 (plus tax and service charge) additional per person for a family-style dinner featuring Chef's local favorites
Additional Beer & Wine: Starting at $25 (plus tax and service charge) per person for up to 2 hours


Another Ranch tradition: enjoy group S'mores at one of our many fire pits, a perfect opportunity for casual networking or a teambuilding nightcap. Unique beverages are available to complement your sticky faces and fingers.

Starting at $10 per person; minimum 10 participants, no maximum
Personal fire pits: Starting at $100 each
2 Hours


Join us for an adventure in wine tasting, without leaving the comfort and excellent service of The Ranch! Enjoy a specially themed tasting palate, or simply choose your wines with the assistance of our Sommelier. This event can be held indoors or outdoors, with food or without!

Suggested Themes (themes are customizable to your interests and tastes!):
Taste of Monterey County
Old World vs New World
California Explorer
Everything Bubbly
Wines from Around the World
All Whites or All Reds

Themes are customizable to your interests and tastes!

$50++ per person: (2) Reds and (2) Whites (wine only) | 10 or more participants (no maximum)
$70++ per person: (2) Premium Reds and (2) Premium Whites (wine only) | 10 or more participants (no maximum)
$100++ per person: (2) Reds and (2) Whites (includes Chef’s Artisan Cheese Display with dried fruits, crackers and baguette) | 10 or more participants (no maximum)
$120++ per person: (2) Premium Reds and (2) Premium Whites
(includes Chef’s Artisan Cheese Display with dried fruits, crackers and baguette) | 10 or more participants (no maximum)
$400++ Sommelier Fee
Wine Tasting Only: 1 hour
Wine Tasting and Cheese Display: 1.5 hours

Groups of more than 25 may require additional setup and rental fees.

Other Ways to Play…

On a 400-acre playground, there are many ways to get your team involved in more unstructured rest and relaxation…


A traditional Italian game of luck and skill! Suitable for groups of 4–30, our Bocce Ball courts at the River Ranch are perfect for an after-meeting reception or teambuilding activity. Reserve it "Tournament Style" for a more structured team event, or select "Laid Back" if you just prefer to toss a ball around! Food and beverage for your event is available through our Catering Department.

Two Private Courts ("Laid Back"): Two courts starting at $200 for 2 hours; each additional hour $100
Tournament Style: Starting at $600 for 2 hours; each additional hour $300; includes tournament host, music, and entertainment.
Pricing for larger groups available upon request.


At the heart of Carmel Valley Ranch's 500 acres, winding through the core of the resort from the valley floor though the foothills and up to significant elevation, is the Carmel Valley Ranch Golf Course. As the only Pete Dye design in Northern California, the 18-hole, par-70 course has earned a reputation for its stunning views, and friendly wildlife. It's playable enough for group outings and challenging enough for serious competition.

Rates include cart rental and vary by season and group size
Rental clubs are available


Beverage in one hand and wedge in the other, your guests can enjoy a night-time twist on traditional golf. Our night golf event is situated behind our Golf Clubhouse, overlooking our beautiful 18th green and driving range. Glow-in-the-dark balls, flagsticks and greens set the tone while you and your guests compete in a variety of games.

20-40 players: $100 per player
From 41-70 players: above + $75 each additional player over 40
Over 70 players: above + $50 each additional player over 70


The River Ranch offers a saltwater, Junior Olympic-sized pool and hot tub; the River Ranch Café; a splash zone for children; bocce courts and ping-pong tables; a basketball/sport court; a recreational area with fire pits; a children's activity center; two large grassy fields, a playground, and a 5,200-square-foot group fitness center offering a variety of group exercise classes.

Complimentary access for resort guests


Our nine tennis courts, located at the River Ranch, include seven plexi-pave hard courts and two clay courts. World-class professionals from Peter Burwash International are available to assist in creating special tennis events, including tournaments, cardio tennis classes, and clinics customized to your group's objectives.

Starting at $25/hour per court fee



Spa Aiyana, reflecting a Native American term for "eternal blossom," is nestled in the treetops overlooking Carmel Valley, taking it's cues from the region to create an all around luxury experience. Located adjacent to the resort's main gathering area, the Lodge and the Lodge Pool, the spa spans 10,500 square feet and has 11 treatment rooms, most of which have private outdoor terraces, including three luxurious treatment suites grouped in the same wing perfect for private functions or small groups. The spa also features private men's and women's locker rooms, with steam saunas, as well as a co-ed Relaxation Lounge and Fitness Center. A serene nail studio offers natural nail services with breathtaking views of the valley.

Pricing varies by treatment


Carmel Valley Ranch is located in an area of surpassing natural beauty, and there is much to explore in the immediate area. We've listed just a few to spark your curiousity…


  • Carmel Beach / Scenic Drive
  • River Beach
  • 17-Mile Drive
  • Shopping in Downtown
  • Local Wine Tasting


  • Carmel Valley Village for Wine Tasting
  • Earth Bound Farms
  • Hiking in Garland Park


  • Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Kayaking and Sailing in Monterey Bay
  • Fisherman's Wharf
  • Walk or Bike Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail
  • Monarch Grove Sanctuary
  • Whale Watching


  • Point Sur Lighthouse
  • Pfeiffer State Park
  • Andrew Molera State Park
  • Hike Soberanes Canyon
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