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Where kids call the shots.

Because junior golf is as much about building confidence and good sportsmanship as cultivating a love of the game, our professional approach emphasizes fun in every aspect. New to The Ranch, our Junior Golf Program’s philosophy mirrors the mission of the Titleist Performance Institute, embracing two key ideas:

  1. Create Athletes First, Golfers Second. We believe it’s much easier to create a great golfer out of a great athlete.
  2. Golf Is Hard, Make It Fun. We know it takes a lot of time and effort to become proficient, so our junior program has to be a fun playing experience. That said, we encourage our juniors to play as many other sports as possible to become well-rounded athletes.


The new Junior Performance Program offers three age-based levels, all of which feature an on-course component:

Level 1 – FUN (Grades K-2) - The main focus for our youngest golfers is fun experiences that transform them into true athletes. We will also work on some basic golf skills, such as grip, stance and alignment.

Level 2 – PLAY (Grades 3-5) - Juniors at this age level learn everything they need to know about how to swing, putt, chip, pitch and hit bunker shots. We also help them maintain their athleticism.

Level 3 – TRAIN (Grades 6-8) - The main focus at this level is to help Junior Golfers learn how to practice. We also work on improving speed and agility.


All classes take place on Saturdays at the following times:

Level 1 - 1–2pm
Level 2 - 2–3:15pm
Level 3 - 3:15–4:30pm


Cost is on a monthly basis. When you sign up for the program, your child will be registered for a calendar month. There is also an annual fee of $50 that includes a hat and shirt. For information, please call the Golf Shop at 831-620-6406.

  • Golf Members – $100 per month
  • River Ranch Members - $140 per month
  • Outside Guests - $160 per month