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Adventures Abound


"I wish I had spent more time at Carmel Valley Ranch indoors..." said no one ever. We can help your group get outside, explore, refocus, and recharge in the great outdoors.



Discover the ancient sport of falconry in this unique opportunity to interact with magnificent winged predators. You and your team will be introduced to several birds of prey native to the skies over The Ranch as you learn about the roles they play in the health of our environment. Meet nature’s Top Gun, the Peregrine Falcon, whose diving speeds of up to 250 mph make it the fastest animal on the planet. Get up close and personal with a Great Horned Owl, one of North America’s top predators. Experience a life-changing rush when you put on a falconer's glove and watch a hawk glide out of a nearby tree to your outstretched arm. Photo ops abound, along with stories to tell around the water cooler for years to come.

$175 per person | 8-25 participants | 120 minutes


Once used by our ancestors to bring food to the cook-fires, the practice of archery is a fascinating confluence of discipline and energy, focus and stamina. With guidance from our expert instructors, your group will learn the skill and pure enjoyment that comes from target-based archery. Choose from the following packages, or call the Activities Team for a customized experience.
Note: Sobriety required. Participants must be at least 12 years of age to attend. For youth archery programs, inquire with Group Activity Coordinator.

Bronze Archery Session

The Bronze Session includes a safety briefing, equipment, individual instruction, and tips and advice from the instructor throughout the session. We promise that we’ll get everyone hitting the target!

$80 per person | 6-10 participants | 60 minutes

Silver Archery Package

In addition to everything included in the Bronze Session, this package offers a final competition in which you’ll learn how to score and host a shoot-off for a dozen arrows. The top three archers receive medals!

$100 per person | 8-20 participants | 90 minutes

Gold Archery Package

Go for the gold! Try our extended 2-hour session with extra games in addition to the shoot-off competition. In this experience, archers compete for bronze, silver, and gold medals plus champagne for the top archer! An optional break may be scheduled into the session.

$125 per person | 10-20 participants | 120 minutes


Learn from the best! Acclaimed photographer Kip Evans is an expert in landscape photography; his stunning images have been published by National Geographic and numerous other publications. Taking a class with him will help you discover how to capture the world through your own unique lens. Note that Kip is in high demand and travels frequently, so be sure to inquire about his availability well in advance of your stay.

Create Your Best Shot: Basics for the Modern Photographer

Do you know what sets the best photographers apart from the rest? Photo composition. In this on-property class, you’ll learn how to create beautiful photos anytime, anywhere. We will talk about and then practice finding the right lighting, angle, and focal compositions. Bring whatever camera you use most—DSLR, smart phone, any will do!

$125 per person | 10-person minimum | 120–150 minutes (includes 45-minute seminar, 75–105-minute photography walk)

Point Lobos Photography Excursion

Capture the extraordinary beauty of the Big Sur Coast, Pebble Beach, and Monterey Peninsula on this unforgettable adventure. Photograph breathtaking landscapes as you hike along the shores and coves of Point Lobos State Reserve, less than 30 minutes from The Ranch. Chase the shifting light along this magnificent stretch of coastline as you learn about otters, seals, pelagic birds, and other marine life in this magical meeting of land and sea.

Half-day excursion: $200 per person | 10-person minimum | 1 hour seminar, 3-hour photography tour
Full-day excursion: $400 per person | 1-hour seminar, 6-hour photography tour, 1-hour photo sharing and discussion

Transportation and A/V costs are additional.


Explore our 500-acre playground and beyond! Choose a 60-minute, 90-minute, or half-day trek, ranging in difficulty from easy stroll to serious challenge. Experience unparalleled scenery as you learn about local wildlife, plants, and cultural history from our Naturalist.

On-Property Hikes & Walks

Stretch your legs and get to know our scenic trails and grounds. Combine any number of interconnected pathways and trails, or choose one of the themed hikes below.

60 minutes | $240 up to 12 people | $20 per additional person
90 minutes | $360 up to 12 people | $30 per additional person

  • Horseshoe Loop Walk Enjoy a bird’s-eye-view of The Ranch on this leisurely walk up to our hilltop pasture, with stunning views of Robinson Canyon along the way.
  • Nature Walk Learn about local plants and wildlife on this relaxing walk through our pinot noir vines, olive grove, and lavender fields to the organic garden and back.
  • Ridge View Hike Take an invigorating, moderately strenuous hike up the Huff ‘n’ Puff and Mucklehead trails to the spectacular ridgeline above The Ranch, where you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the valley and, on a clear day, the Pacific Ocean.
  • Golden Hour Hike Explore our beautiful property in the waning light. Hike up to a peaceful knoll above The Ranch to take in panoramic views of Carmel Valley and a glimpse of the ocean in the distance.
  • Glow-in-the-Night Hike Looking for adventure under the stars? Hiking at night in Carmel Valley is an extraordinary experience, guaranteed to awaken your senses. Before we set out, we’ll wrap ourselves with EL (electroluminescent) wire—the latest in wearable technology—and then head up the trail for a truly glowing experience! At the top, we’ll turn off our lights and tune into the peaceful sounds of nature after dark.
    Additional fees and minimum 2 weeks’ notice required.

Off-Property Excursions

Take advantage of The Ranch’s proximity to world-famous parks and coastal trails. Our expert guides will show you the lay of the land as you discover all the places the locals know to go. Transportation for off-property hikes is participants’ responsibility, or can be provided by The Ranch for additional charge. Hike locations may depend on seasonal availability.

  • Point Lobos State Reserve Prepare to have your breath taken away. Point Lobos State Natural Reserve offers an extraordinary meeting of land and sea, where spectacular coastal scenery, easy ocean-front walking trails, and wildlife—including sea otters, harbor seals, sea lions, shorebirds, and migrating whales—await you. The historic Whaler’s Cabin contains fascinating artifacts and exhibits about the area’s cultural history. 20-minute drive from Carmel Valley Ranch.
    $510 up to 6 people | $85 per additional person | 120–180 minutes
  • Garland Ranch Regional Park With over 50 miles of scenic hiking trails varying in terrain and difficulty, this neighboring parkland to our east offers many great options. You can start and finish at the park’s Visitor Center just 3 miles down the road, or opt for a moderately strenuous 7-mile hike from The Ranch along scenic Snively’s Ridge to the Visitor Center and get shuttled back. 5-minute drive from Carmel Valley Ranch.
    $420 up to 6 people | $70 per additional person | 90–180 minutes
  • Garzas Creek/Redwood Canyon Locals know you don’t have to go all the way to Big Sur to see California redwoods. Just a few minutes from The Ranch, this tranquil 4-mile, easy-to-moderate hike through a sun-dappled riparian canyon meanders along a creek shaded by cottonwoods and big-leaf maples, leading to a secluded redwood grove. Hike back on the Terrace Trail, best known for its explosion of wildflowers from March to July. 10-minute drive from Carmel Valley Ranch.
    $420 up to 6 people | $70 per additional person | 90–180 minutes
  • Summit Hike For those who want a longer, more challenging hike, reap the rewards of this 7-mile round-trip hike starting from Carmel Valley Ranch's own Mucklehead Trail, heading up along the ridgeline to the summit above Garland Ranch Regional Park. Enjoy stunning panoramic views of the Monterey Peninsula, Carmel Valley, and Santa Lucia coastal range before descending back towards views of the Pacific Ocean.
    No transportation required. Offered seasonally. Minimum 2 weeks' notice required.
    $720 up to 12 people | $60 per additional person | 3.5-4 hours