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Become an Artisan


At Carmel Valley Ranch, the concept of sustainability means more than just taking care of the land; it means being part of a community. That’s why we partner with local artists, crafters, and purveyors of natural, handmade products to help us make The Ranch a unique place to stay and play. Learn how you, too, can “do it yourself” in these artisan-inspired workshops.



Meet the people who help put Carmel Valley Ranch on the map as a destination for foodies and crafters alike. In this market-style experience, you’ll visit stations where our expert artisans and instructors will be on hand to share their talents. Learn how to create personalized perfume from essential oils, explore the world of handcrafted goat cheese, taste flights of honey straight from our Carmel Valley Ranch bee hives, blend spices and sea salt from our Salt House to make your own seasoning, and more. Ask our Activities Coordinator for a full list of options, or work with us to create custom activities around your ideas.
Pricing begins at $100 per person for 4 stations | 20-person minimum people | 90–120 minutes
Length of time and number of stations may be increased for additional fees.


In this relaxing hands-on activity, you’ll learn how to create custom candles using the natural bounty of The Ranch. We’ll show you how to roll a sheet of pressed beeswax into a simple, decorated candle, or make a scented candle with essential oils, herbs, and blossoms by pouring hot beeswax into an elegant votive. Spend some unscripted time relaxing and creating a memory and a memento of your stay here at The Ranch.
$75 per person | 8–14 participants | 60 minutes
Larger groups accommodated upon request.


Learn how to pamper your body with bath products made just for you—by you! In this workshop, we’ll discuss the basics of aromatherapy as we create fragrant handmade soaps and exfoliating scrubs with natural ingredients, including herbs, salts, and essential oil harvested from lavender here at The Ranch.
$75 per person | 8–14 participants | 60 minutes
Larger groups accommodated upon request.


This family-friendly workshop focuses on creating fun, fizzy bath bombs with natural ingredients including muscle-soothing salts and essential oils harvested from our very own lavender. It’s an all-natural way to make bath time ‘da bomb!
$75 per person | 8–14 participants | 60 minutes
Larger groups accommodated upon request.


Can't decide which craft to try? Try them all by turning one of our craft classes into a two-hour workshop cultivating your own spa essentials, using natural materials from Carmel Valley Ranch. Explore the science behind making fizzy bath bombs. Indulge your sense of smell by making a fragrant beeswax candle. Soothe your skin with a handcrafted soap bar. Make a sugar scrub and a bath tea that are (almost) good enough to eat. Learn the basics for self-pampering and take home a decorated basket full of goodies just for you!
$175 per person | 6–14 participants | 120–150 minutes
Length of program and number of participants may be increased for additional fees. Ask your Activities Coordinator for details.