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For the Hungry and Thirsty


Nothing brings people together like good food, especially when it’s prepared and enjoyed as a group. Add a dash of competition, a splash of liquid merriment, and some guidance from our culinary and beverage experts, and you’ve got a recipe for fun. Many of our programs take place in the Adventure Kitchen, home to hands-on cooking demos and fierce “Ranch Chef” competitions. Ask your Special Event Manager for details.



Inspired by the popular Food Network show of a similar name, the Ranch Chef Challenge is part team-bonding exercise and part culinary crash-course. The Ranch Chef Challenge allows every participant to feel like a celebrity chef. As the clock ticks, teams must prepare dishes using the ingredients and tools provided, including a “secret” ingredient revealed at the start of the event. Best for groups of 20 participants or more but can be customized for smaller groups.
$1,500++ Chef’s fee/Adventure Kitchen setup fee, plus site fee | 20–60 participants; chef may be able to accommodate larger groups upon request | 120 minutes
10:00a–2:00p Challenge: Starting at $150++ per person; includes chef’s light buffet lunch and non-alcoholic beverages
3:00p–9:00p Challenge: Starting at $180++ per person; includes light hors d’oeuvres and local wine/beer selections during activity. Dinner buffet maybe added through your Special Event Manager.


Organic Farmer Mark Marino and our talented culinary specialists, under the direction of Executive Chef Tim Wood, team up for this authentic farmstead culinary experience in the organic garden. The activity begins with a talk from Mark about organic gardening and how to bring garden freshness to your own table. Then our chef provides a cooking demonstration, walking you through the creative culinary process to combine fresh ingredients and serve up mouth-watering morsels.
$150 ++ per person, plus $500++ setup fee and $3,500 organic garden site fee | 10–40 people | 120-50 minutes
Event includes lunch held in the Adventure Kitchen, upon request and dependent on availability.


Suit up, sharpen your knives, and learn the techniques that every chef should know. Our culinary specialist, under the direction of Executive Chef Tim Wood, will teach you the tricks of the trade that will take your cooking skills to the next level and wow your guests at dinner parties. Be prepared to get to know your colleagues and friends better in the process!
$180++ per person, plus $750++ Adventure Kitchen setup fee and site fee | 10–40 people | 90-120 minutes


One of our signature events for creative competition! The goal: create your very own wine blend. The group splits up into teams of 4-8 people, and each team works together in sipping their way to a balanced blend of three grape varieties. Next: the Marketing Challenge. The vintners turn into the marketing team and design and produce a label for their bottles. They present the label to the group in a 30-second commercial. Teams are scored and awarded based on creativity, time management, following directions, and having fun.
Site fee plus $500++ indoor setup or $750++ outdoor setup | Sommelier’s fee: $600 | 12–80 people
Message on a Bottle only: $100++ per person
Message on a Bottle with chef’s choice of hors d’oeuvres and house wines: $150++ per person

Larger groups are welcome but may require additional time, space, and AV setup; pricing will be quoted accordingly.


Bartenders beware! In this laid-back event, participants receive a short lesson on the basics of spirits and mixers, as well as trade secrets for making a great cocktail. After being split into teams of 4-8 people, they are set free behind the bar to create the next great signature cocktail. The results are judged by a panel of professional bar-flies. To provide even more depth to the team-building activity, consider adding the Marketing Challenge, in which each team creates a full-page ad and acts out a 30-second commercial for their cocktail and the fictitious bar where it will be served.
Site fee plus $500++ indoor setup or $1,000++ outdoor setup | Mixologist’s fee: $600
Mixology Event only: $85++ per person | 12 or more people | minimum 60 minutes
Mixology Event and Marketing Challenge: $105++ per person | 12–80 participants | minimum 90 minutes

Enhance your event with hors d’oeuvres and bar beverages. Contact your Special Event Manager for details and pricing. (Additional setup fees may apply.)


Join our Sommelier for this engaging wine class that will develop your palate and demystify the world of wine. Each event includes a sampling of six or more wines, samplings of small bites that reflect how varietals pair with certain food flavors (sweet, salty, spicy, etc.), and seasonal topics for discussion. Perfect for all wine enthusiasts, from novice to connoisseur. Suggested themes:

Taste of Monterey County • Everything Bubbly • All Whites or All Reds Old World vs. New World • California Explorer • Wines from Around the World
$85 per person | $600 Sommelier’s fee | Site fee plus setup fee starting at $300 | 90 minutes | 10–30 people; larger groups can be accommodated upon request.
Enhance the experience with lunch or dinner; ask your Special Event Manager for pricing and menu options.