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Tim Wood

Executive Chef Tim Wood keeps it simple: “I like to cook and give people what they like and watch them enjoy it." Chef Wood, the laid-back culinary mastermind behind The Ranch’s fresh-to-table philosophy and locavore cuisine, finds many of the ingredients for his seasonally inspired dishes within walking distance of the kitchen—in our organic garden, hen house, honeybee hives, and salt house.

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As overseer of The Ranch’s two-acre organic garden and orchard, Mark grows the fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs that provide the resort’s kitchens with the freshest, highest-quality seasonal ingredients. Have you ever wanted to see the flower of an artichoke or smell hops growing on the vine? Just ask Mark. When he isn’t tending the earth or geeking out with guests on garden tours, the self-proclaimed bookworm can be found digging into a good read.

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Chris Riley

Bees’ Best Friend

Christopher Riley

As manager of the resort’s apiary, Chris oversees honey production and enlightens guests about our tiniest artisans. “Bees pollinate our gardens and give us medicine for allergies and infections,” buzzes Chris. “Their relationship with humans was meant to bee.” Chris first found his way to the hive when he was looking for a natural alternative to white sugar for his homemade elderberry wine recipe. He has been a true bee-liever ever since.

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There’s something fishy about Jerry—and that’s why we like him. Jerry, a long-time fishing buddy of Chef Wood, supplies The Ranch with daily deliveries of fresh wild sea bass, halibut, salmon, swordfish, tuna or other seasonal gifts from the sea to satisfy seafood-lovers’ cravings. What’s the catch? Only locally sourced, sustainably caught fish from the Monterey Bay.

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Charlie Cascio

You could say goat cheese saved Charlie’s life—literally. In 2016, when a wildfire swept through Big Sur and destroyed most of the cheesemaker's farm and livelihood, he had just enough time to evacuate his Swiss nanny goats and seek shelter in his cheese cave. Today, Charlie and his goats make unique, creamy cheese blends for The Ranch and invite guests to meet the adorably spunky “ladies” who supply the milk for his creations.




“It’s all about blending a taste of Big Sur with the flavors of The Ranch,” says Carlo. He hand-harvests salt from the magical waters of Big Sur and infuses it with organic ingredients that capture the essence of the coast. He adds everything from fragrant California sage and wildflowers to award-winning red wine from the Santa Lucia foothills. “What grows together, goes together,” says Carlo, making him a perfect fit for Chef Wood’s culinary program.